About us
STAR MANUFACTURING Company was incorporated on 29 September 1989 with the objective of  producing and distributing the
highest quality Polypropylene  BCF  Yarn  to the  Far –  East market.  The company is also granted the promotional privileges by
the Board of Investment in Thailand.The total investment in the company's polypropylene  plant in (Nakhonratchasima) exceeds
US  $  8.5 Million. This capital outlay is expected to increase further in the near future for further expansion.

Star Manufacturing's plant in Nakhonratchasima was designed and built by Neumag Federal Republic of Germany and
commissioned  by  Neumag  Engineers. Our latest Air Entangling, Air Twist equipment  is  Dynajet  from  Gilbos  which
command operation in September 2004.

This plant used the most modem computerized continuous spinning  process.

This represent  a  major advancement over the discontinuous process, which is still being used in many older plants in USA and Europe.

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