Star Group of Companies specializes in the production of Yarn and Soft floor covering. It is a one  stop source of Carpet yarn and
Carpets for the, domestic, Commercial and automobile markets. Having an experience of more than 16 years.

Star has achieved a reputation for innovation and quality in the Asia Pacific Region. Under one roof Star produces 4,500 TONS of
Olefin Yarns per year, mainly to be used in the Production of Carpets around the globe.

Equipment at star is regularly up - graded to meet the demands of changing market. Our strategy is to simply work for customer's
satisfaction.  We always encourage our customer to bring in their own designs and ideas. Whether it  be commercial, domestic or
OEM market. We can engineer a product suitable to any budget.

We work from a master Color Bank of  more then 500 Colors.  In case if the customer requires  a  special color,  we also  provide
matching  service to coordinate with overall  interior design.  We also  provide free of charge  advice on  selection  of  soft  floor
coverings for the interior design trade in this region.

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